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Javier Torres

Javier was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York after his parents migrated from Ciales, Puerto Rico. Following his H.S. graduation, Javier enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps and worked in 17 countries around the world in a span of more than 25 years of service. As you might imagine, the exposure to the international community was not only eye-opening but also a great experience in getting to understand people from different places and backgrounds. As a result, Javier becomes a better listener, problem solver, and time manager.

In addition to his military work in trans-regional security cooperation, Javier earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Maryland in Geographic Information Systems and a Master’s degree from Troy University in International Relations. After an extensive military career protecting the American way of life, Javier continues to be driven by the fundamental belief of service to others. Through Real Estate, Javier now focuses on developing new strategies to help people sell their homes and start a new chapter in their life, or first-time buyers fulfill part of the American dream – owning a home.

Javier enjoys the tranquility that Tampa offers and likes to spend quality time with his family and exploring Florida’s less popular, yet interesting locations on a gas tank. A car and food enthusiast, you can find Javier at Car Clubs & Cruises, and tasting the vast food options and cultural cuisines throughout Southern Florida. Outside of family, cars, and food, Javier invests time in developing new strategies to ensure his real estate clients are incredibly happy and satisfied while navigating the strenuous home buying and selling process. Javier achieves customer satisfaction through initiative, loyalty, transparency in the process, and professionalism in the pursuit to meet his client’s needs.

Javier is currently a member of the Paulino Global Real Estate family centrally located in the heart of Tampa Bay, where he will be able to easily help all his customers here and those looking to move to Florida from other states and around the world. Although qualified in all aspects of Real Estate and helping clients, because of his military experience Javier specializes in service members transitions and permanent change of duty stations for tours to and from MacDill Air Force Base.